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2017-11-08Merge "Update emu-radio README.md" into vicn/mastervicn/masterMauro Sardara1-7/+18
2017-10-25Updated dumbell tutorialAlberto Compagno1-113/+98
2017-10-12Fixed interface name parsing for vpp monitoring to allow for VLANsJordan Augé1-1/+1
2017-10-10Update emu-radio README.mdMauro Sardara1-7/+18
2017-10-09Several fixes related to async_set, ip addressing, and memif interfaces for VPPMarcel Enguehard15-35/+365
2017-10-06Merge "Fix on monitoring vpp interfaces" into vicn/masterAlberto Compagno1-0/+2
2017-10-05Adding pyparsing dependency to python3-netmodel package.Mauro Sardara1-2/+2
2017-10-04Fix on monitoring vpp interfacesAlberto Compagno1-0/+2
2017-09-28Fix bug inside build-packageMauro Sardara1-0/+1
2017-09-22Avoid installation of python3-openssl from ubuntu packagesMauro Sardara1-2/+2
2017-09-22Fixing packaging supportMauro Sardara9-25/+49
2017-09-22Merge "Fixed images for monitoring" into vicn/masterMauro Sardara14-0/+0
2017-09-21Fixed images for monitoringMarcel Enguehard14-0/+0
2017-09-05Adding support for packagingMauro Sardara11-0/+235
2017-09-04Merge "Added netmon conf file for setup" into vicn/masterLuca Muscariello2-0/+49
2017-09-04Merge "Skip internet address for multicast channels" into vicn/masterLuca Muscariello2-40/+17
2017-09-04Merge "Fixed bug in EmulatedLteChannel for unmanaged devices" into vicn/masterLuca Muscariello1-1/+1
2017-09-04Merge ""Updated README.md + added pip packages to setup.py"" into vicn/masterLuca Muscariello3-36/+34
2017-09-01Added netmon conf file for setupMarcel Enguehard2-0/+49
2017-09-01Skip internet address for multicast channelsMarcel Enguehard2-40/+17
2017-08-28Using no-pci option rather than removing the dpdk-plugin in vpp. Removed star...Alberto Compagno8-34/+41
2017-08-28"Updated README.md + added pip packages to setup.py"Marcel Enguehard3-36/+34
2017-08-18Fixed bug in EmulatedLteChannel for unmanaged devicesMarcel Enguehard1-1/+1
2017-07-31Revert cmake files and build-packages script to previous version.Mauro Sardara3-75/+106
2017-07-19* GUI resourceMarcel Enguehard176-2154/+63954
2017-06-22Adding fading traces to lte-emulator packageMauro Sardara2-65/+79
2017-06-09Removed unused and buggy debugMarcel Enguehard1-2/+0
2017-06-05Updated image name in examplesMarcel Enguehard4-36/+36
2017-06-03- Adding support for GRE tunnels to LTE emulationMauro Sardara8-9/+26
2017-05-30Fix for ICN routes to find producer prefixes in a given groupMarcel Enguehard2-3/+12
2017-05-29Misc bug fixes: VPP, deb package detection, lxdMarcel Enguehard12-30/+42
2017-05-29Misc bug fixesMarcel Enguehard25-184/+214
2017-05-23Introduced groups + lxd profiles + diverted control network handling to lxd +...Marcel Enguehard31-538/+809
2017-05-15IPv6 dataplane support + Decentralized IPv4 prefix attribution + Bug fix for ...Marcel Enguehard20-223/+603
2017-04-25VPP fixes + refactored for libicnet + trailing spacesMarcel Enguehard4-22/+22
2017-04-25Typo for VPP interfaces + More explicit exceptions for BashTask + Forgotten i...Marcel Enguehard3-11/+13
2017-04-19Merge "Updated topology and script for Internet2 tutorial" into vicn/masterMauro Sardara2-10/+18
2017-04-19Updated topology and script for Internet2 tutorialMarcel Enguehard2-10/+18
2017-04-15Adding build number to ns3 package after building the emulators.Mauro Sardara1-5/+7
2017-04-13Adding support for package creation.Vicn-v1.0Mauro Sardara6-20/+332
2017-04-12Updated LXD image in tutorials + new tutorial + Changed logs for LXD NotFound...Marcel Enguehard6-38/+243
2017-04-11Merge "Adding the capability to create link between two containers on two phy...Luca Muscariello1-17/+33
2017-04-11* Handler for Lxd NotFound exception for attributesMarcel Enguehard4-105/+134
2017-04-10Adding the capability to create link between two containers on two physically...Jacques Samain2-18/+34
2017-04-07Adding packaging info to CMakeLists.txtMauro Sardara2-4/+6
2017-04-06Adding support for building radio emualtion packagesMauro Sardara5-0/+98
2017-03-31Topology cleanup fix + fix for requirements + fix for local physical serversMarcel Enguehard3-20/+77
2017-03-25Misc. improvements to vICN codebase detailed below.Jordan Augé22-172/+780
2017-03-24Packages+Error handling for VppHostMarcel Enguehard1-3/+3
2017-02-24Initial commit: vICNJordan Augé217-0/+61852