AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
20 hoursReport: Add dataHEADmasterTibor Frank1-5/+10
37 hoursFIX: Namespace deletionpmikus2-4/+13
39 hoursFIX: Ansible calibrationpmikus36-36/+0
2020-09-17VPP-DEVICE: Add check of vpp statistic commandsJan Gelety1-0/+104
42 hoursFIX: Ansible assertsPeter Mikus40-255/+256
46 hoursReport: Add dataTibor Frank1-0/+2
2020-09-16Update of VPP_STABLE_VER filesJan Gelety2-2/+2
3 daysFIX: disable sending IPv6 RA messages from VMsJuraj Linkeš9-21/+27
3 daysTrending: Remove GBP testsTibor Frank1-15/+0
3 daysTests: Remove GBPpmikus18-825/+8
3 daysReport: Add dataTibor Frank2-12/+38
6 daysGPL: Replace contribution from Lucianoper-201019Vratko Polak1-12/+19
6 daysReport: Add dataTibor Frank2-7/+20
7 daysFIX: vpp not started with configuration for nat44ed with 16M sessionsJan Gelety1-1/+1
7 daysAnsible: Rework grub command linepmikus46-20/+493
7 daysTrending: Add csit-dpdk-perf-mrr-weekly-master-3n-tshTibor Frank3-2/+77
7 daysReport: Configure Report 2009.43Tibor Frank3-2/+12
7 daysReport: Add dataTibor Frank1-4/+6
8 daysReport: Add NICs Comparison for 3n-skxTibor Frank1-159/+159
8 daysReport: Fix static contentTibor Frank2-2/+3
8 daysvpp_device: fix shim hostnameJuraj Linkeš1-5/+4
8 daysSpec: EPYC zn2pmikus3-0/+1083
8 daysreport: updates to methodology section including nat44, acl, ipsecMaciek Konstantynowicz6-30/+225
8 daysReport: Fix bugs in release notesTibor Frank2-5/+5
8 daysReport: Fix bugs in pdf version 2Tibor Frank3-22/+23
8 daysReport: Add dataTibor Frank1-0/+3
8 daysReport: vpp performance release notes updateJan Gelety3-66/+64
8 daysReport: Add dataTibor Frank1-11/+15
9 daysReport: Edit PAL section in the release notesTibor Frank1-3/+3
9 daysReport: Add Data, Fix bugs in pdf versionTibor Frank10-137/+41
9 daysReport: Add data, add pdf versionTibor Frank1-10/+7
9 daysReport: Add dataTibor Frank1-3/+30
9 daysReport: Display limits in speedup graphsTibor Frank1-40/+41
10 daysInfra: Enable AMDpmikus3-8/+12
10 daysUpdate of VPP_STABLE_VER filesJan Gelety2-2/+2
10 daysReport: Add data, fix small bugsTibor Frank7-78/+90
10 daysReport: Add dataTibor Frank1-19/+115
13 daysReport: Add NAT44 Latency graphsTibor Frank5-0/+606
13 daysReport: Configure 2009.42Tibor Frank3-4/+4
13 daysReport: Add dataTibor Frank1-194/+78
13 daysReport: Hoststack graphsTibor Frank1-2/+0
2020-09-14Update of VPP_STABLE_VER filesJan Gelety3-269/+4
14 daysReport: Add dataTibor Frank1-15/+21
14 daysReport: Set fonts in graphsTibor Frank1-33/+33
14 daysReport: Add dataTibor Frank1-3/+9
2020-10-07docs: update arm hardware testbed specificationsJuraj Linkeš1-116/+53
2020-10-07vpp_device: updates for 1n-tx2 testbedsJuraj Linkeš8-42/+128
2020-10-07Report: Add DNV comparison tables and detailsTibor Frank2-651/+642
2020-10-07Report: Add dataTibor Frank1-19/+19
2020-10-07report: added description of CSIT environment ver. 5Maciek Konstantynowicz1-3/+14