BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterPerformance keywords: Use matching runtime rateVratko Polak2 hours
oper-210913FIX: job specspmikus4 days
oper-210906docs: add mrr tests for weekly execution in 2n-aws and 3n-awsMaciek Konstantynowicz7 days
rls2101_1Report: configure 2101.1.35Tibor Frank2 weeks
oper-rls2106-210823Migrate report/trending/docs to bash frameworkpmikus4 weeks
oper-rls2106-210830Migrate report/trending/docs to bash frameworkpmikus4 weeks
rls2106Migrate report/trending/docs to bash frameworkpmikus4 weeks
oper-rls2101-210406Infra: vpp_device -> Ubuntu 20.04pmikus2 months
rls2101Infra: vpp_device -> Ubuntu 20.04pmikus2 months
rls2009_ltsUpdate VPP_STABLE_VER filesTibor Frank3 months
oper-rls2009_lts-210503Update VPP_STABLE_VER filesTibor Frank5 months
oper-rls2009_lts-210426Fix vpp-csit device scriptVratko Polak5 months
oper-rls2101-210315Framework: Qemu 4.2 compatibility fixpmikus5 months
rls2009PAPI: Python 3.8 compatibilitypmikus7 months
oper-rls2009-200929fix: use csit lts branch in vpp-csit lts jobsJan Gelety8 months
rls2005Framework: 3n-tsh topology file updateJuraj LinkeŇ°9 months
rls2001Report 2001: Configure rls2001.26Tibor Frank15 months
rls1908_2rls1908_2: report vpp release notesMaciek Konstantynowicz16 months
rls1908_1FIX: add missing api messages to supported crcs listJan Gelety18 months
rls1908topo: update topo files for DNV systems after NIC replacementsJan Gelety19 months
rls1904_2FIX: Start T-Rex with sudoJan Gelety23 months
rls1904_1FIX: Start T-Rex with sudoJan Gelety23 months
rls1904FIX: Start T-Rex with sudoJan Gelety23 months
rls1901_3Report: Fix comparison tablesTibor Frank2 years
rls1901_2Report 1901.2: Add note to Release notesTibor Frank2 years
rls1901_1Change 2 node Denverton testbed descriptionYulong Pei2 years
rls1901CSIT-845 Capture VPP core-dump from vpp crash on DUTsPeter Mikus3 years
rls1810CSIT-1400: Prepare and publish 1810.03 ReportTibor Frank3 years
rls1804Move reservation directory to TG node.Vratko Polak3 years
rls1807Move reservation directory to TG node.Vratko Polak3 years
rls1801_2CSIT-1105: Prepare and generate 18.01.2 reportTibor Frank3 years
rls1801FIX: NAT plugin requires ACL plugin enabledJan Gelety3 years
rls1710Add more verbose DPDK logsPeter Mikus3 years
rls1707HC Test: Increase timeout values in HC Setup and Teardownselias4 years
rls1704Add RA suppress to IPv6 Equal-cost multipath routing test caseJan Gelety4 years
rls1701csit rls1701 report nits and updates:Maciek Konstantynowicz5 years
rls1609Update of VPP_STABLE_VERJan5 years
rls1606Mark all PERF tests as noncriticalMiroslav Miklus5 years