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2019-04-16[HICN-171] remove RTCP from the RTC socketmichele papalini5-220/+3
2019-04-15[HICN-155] Consumer socket allows now to read N bytes from the network, where...Mauro Sardara21-1760/+683
2019-04-15[HICN-168] RTC retransmissionsmichele papalini2-132/+228
2019-04-10[HICN-175] Fix nack retransmissions when using memif connector.Mauro Sardara2-18/+17
2019-04-09[HICN-173] bad initialization of bytesProductionRate in RTC producer socketmichele papalini1-3/+4
2019-04-04[HICN-170] do not send interests for already received contentmichele papalini2-11/+46
2019-04-04Merge "[HICN-165] Http proxy: segment headers and payload in 2 different steps."Jordan Augé1-1/+1
2019-04-03[HICN-96] add callbacks in RTCmichele papalini2-2/+18
2019-04-03[HICN-165] Http proxy: segment headers and payload in 2 different steps.Mauro Sardara1-1/+1
2019-04-03[HICN-167] fixes on timeouts and nacksmichele papalini3-24/+44
2019-04-02[HICN-94] Handle nacks when the producer socket is not activemichele papalini4-60/+110
2019-03-29[HICN-152] Fix window size in CBR.Mauro Sardara2-2/+6
2019-03-28[HICN-11] Fix retransmission count when sending first interest.Mauro Sardara1-1/+3
2019-03-27[HICN-11] Fix segfault in rtc due to typo in variable name.Mauro Sardara2-5/+4
2019-03-23[HICN-6] ATS fixesMauro Sardara4-1/+15
2019-03-23[HICN-6] ATS Working, little refactoring of appsMauro Sardara9-30/+34
2019-03-21[HICN-135] Fix setLifetime function.Mauro Sardara6-59/+79
2019-03-20[HICN-133] Fix return of number of produced packet of produce().Mauro Sardara1-1/+1
2019-03-19[HICN-125] Use getPayload once in rtc transport functions.Mauro Sardara1-5/+6
2019-03-19[HICN-125 HICN-126]Mauro Sardara11-174/+109
2019-03-18Merge "[HICN-103] Manifest retransmissions."Alberto Compagno3-2/+41
2019-03-18[HICN-103] Manifest retransmissions.Mauro Sardara3-2/+41
2019-03-15Merge "[HICN-118] Add .clang-format file, format all libtransport project."Mauro Sardara3-5/+7
2019-03-15[HICN-114] Update Hicn Http Server to hicn fdio stackAngelo Mantellini1-2/+2
2019-03-15[HICN-118] Add .clang-format file, format all libtransport project.Mauro Sardara3-5/+7
2019-03-14Merge "[HICN-116] Added RTC producer option to hiperf."Mauro Sardara3-15/+21
2019-03-14[HICN-116] Added RTC producer option to hiperf.Mauro Sardara3-15/+21
2019-03-14[HICN-115] Error when libtransport has to close the connectionAngelo Mantellini1-1/+2
2019-03-12[HICN-109] Adding higet applicationAngelo Mantellini3-10/+11
2019-03-12[HICN-106]Mauro Sardara2-4/+0
2019-03-11[HICN-105] Errors during execution of ping and hiperfAngelo Mantellini1-4/+2
2019-03-08[HICN-102] Remove warnings and compilation errors in hicn on windowsAngelo Mantellini7-23/+23
2019-03-08[HICN-99] Destroy in the correct order and in the correct event loop the attr...Mauro Sardara12-149/+128
2019-03-08[HICN-85] Added state to connectors.Mauro Sardara11-95/+79
2019-03-05[HICN-89] Preallocate memory for timer handlers just with memif connector.Mauro Sardara1-2/+19
2019-03-05[HICN-73] Performance improvements of interest/data transmission and receptio...Mauro Sardara13-143/+333
2019-03-05[HICN-11] Rework on transport protocols improving components modularityMauro Sardara80-4222/+2859
2019-03-01[HICN-86] Fix include file order in libtransport and hicn-light.Mauro Sardara1-1/+1
2019-02-22Merge "[HICN-80] Avoid segfault when deleting memif interface on VPP."Alberto Compagno4-13/+14
2019-02-22[HICN-80] Avoid segfault when deleting memif interface on VPP.Mauro Sardara4-13/+14
2019-02-22[HICN-79] epoll timeout is now set to 1 secondAlberto Compagno1-2/+2
2019-02-19[HICN-69] Include libtransport config file in raw_socket_connector.h.Mauro Sardara1-0/+1
2019-02-18[HICN-69] add compiler definitions for programs using hicnmichele papalini6-2/+9
2019-02-18Merge "[HICN-50] Added udp application connector."Alberto Compagno19-136/+533
2019-02-18[HICN-50] Added udp application connector.Mauro Sardara19-136/+533
2019-02-18[HICN-67] add interest callback in RTC producer socketmichele papalini1-2/+5
2019-02-13[HICN-61] Compile Error in libtransport in windows environmentAngelo Mantellini2-3/+5
2019-02-13Merge "[HICN-62] Using the new API in libparc to remove a per-packet copy of ...Mauro Sardara1-1/+1
2019-02-13[HICN-62] Using the new API in libparc to remove a per-packet copy of the sig...Alberto Compagno1-1/+1
2019-02-13[HICN-60] Solved concurrent memory access which was leading to seg-faultAlberto Compagno5-22/+15