BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
host-stack[HICN-642] Porting of fixes for hicn_plugin punting api.Mauro Sardara4 days
master[HICN-640] Put all interfaces in VRF 10, not only MPLS interfaces.Mauro Sardara5 days
hicn-light-ng[HICN-563] listener and connection tablesJordan Augé6 days
v20.05commit 0d89fdfc83...Mauro Sardara4 months
v20.01commit fa11d711aa...Alberto Compagno8 months
v19.08commit 3abde45db1...Alberto Compagno13 months
v19.04commit b375370d0f...Mauro Sardara17 months
v19.01commit bac3da6164...Mauro Sardara20 months