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HONEYCOMB-269: release notes update
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Honeycomb provides a framework for plugins to participate in the data handling. The plugins use YANG modeling language to describe what:
* *data* they can handle (Create, Read, Update, Delete operations)
-* *notifications* do they emit
-NOTE: RPCs are not supported in this release.
+* *notifications* they do emit
+* *RPCs* they can handle
A plugin usually consists of:
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Honeycomb is a generic NETCONF/RESTCONF management agent and provides a framework
for building specialized agents.
+It uses many features and utilities from different[Opendaylight (ODL)] projects
+(e.g. yangtools, controller, mdsal and netconf).
The biggest use case of honeycomb is VPP ('s Vector packet processor).
Honeycomb delivers a management agent to enable integration of VPP with e.g. SDN controllers such as Opendaylight.
-For VPP specific distribution of Honeycomb, refer to:
-!!!!! FIXME/TODO add link !!!!!!
+For VPP specific distribution of Honeycomb, please refer to[hc2vpp] project.
== Release plan{project-public-version}[Release plan]
== Features
-Adding to the list of existing features:[1609 feature list]:
+* Generic, model-driven agent framework providing northbound interfaces
+* Persistence/reconciliation mechanism
+* [Minimal distribution]
+** optimized set of ODL components, static wiring, runnable shell scripts
=== New features
+*[RPC support]
+** RPC translation is done using RpcServices registered in RpcRegistry.
+*[Loading test data from resource files]
+** Provides convenient framework for testing translation layer.
=== Removed features
@@ -31,6 +42,9 @@ Adding to the list of existing features:
== Backlog
+Process of spiting honeycomb project into generic (honeycomb) and vpp related (hc2vpp) parts
+was done during 1.17.01 release. Issues for both projects were tracked in the same jira.
*{project-version-in-jira}[Release notes]