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+= Honeycomb minimal distribution
+This is a minimal, statically wired distribution of Honeycomb. It wires all the dependencies from Opendaylight with
+Honeycomb infrastructure code in order to provide a lightweight runnable distribution utilizing Google's guice for DI.
+It is lightweight because:
+1. Not using ODL's config subsystem
+2. Not using ODL's global (clustered) MD-SAL
+3. Wiring only minimal necessary subset of ODL components together
+== How to build&use
+Regular maven build (install) creates an ${project.artifactId}-${project.version} (or tar.gz) that can be
+unpacked and HC can be started using script
+== How to run from IntelliJ
+Just mark the src/config folder as resources root and you should be able to run Main from Intellij \ No newline at end of file