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@@ -2,4 +2,11 @@ This package contains basic tests for jvpp. To run the tests:
- Make sure VPP is running
- From JVPP's java/ folder execute:
- - sudo java -cp jvpp-registry-19.04.jar:jvpp-stats-19.04.jar io.fd.jvpp.stats.test.JvppStatsApiTest
+ - "sudo java -cp jvpp-registry-19.08.jar:jvpp-stats-19.08.jar io.fd.jvpp.stats.test.FutureApiTest"
+- For debug use:
+ - "sudo java -verbose:jni -Xcheck:jni -cp jvpp-registry-19.08.jar:jvpp-stats-19.08.jar io.fd.jvpp.stats.test.FutureApiTest"
+ - in the case there is a core dump generated use GDB for backtrace:
+ - "sudo gdb java core"
+ - then in GDB console use "bt full" command to print backtrace.
+ - if libraries are missing use "info sharedlibrary" in GDB to find out path and name of missing libraries.
+ You can copy missing libraries to desired location (usually /tmp/, because the libs are extracted from jars on startup) \ No newline at end of file