AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2021-11-10tldk: swtich to use DPDK 20.11 LTSdev-mitm-proxyKonstantin Ananyev30-683/+289
2021-10-19l4p/tcp: Fix setting MSS in TCP stream establishKonstantin Ananyev1-2/+3
2021-09-28l4p/tcp: Fix clearing rx queue w/ private streamsBen Magistro1-1/+3
2021-09-17l4p/tcp: Add ability to adjust/offset tcp timestamps when proxyingBen Magistro3-5/+20
2021-08-13l4p/tcp: add flags parameter for tle_tcp_stream_establish() APIKonstantin Ananyev2-7/+40
2021-08-03l4p/tcp: introduce tle_tcp_stream_shutdown() APIKonstantin Ananyev2-20/+79
2021-07-14l4p/tcp: correct TCP stream establish seq/ack misorderingStefan Baranoff1-2/+2
2021-07-07l4p/tcp: introduce tle_tcp_stream_abort() APIKonstantin Ananyev5-36/+135
2021-07-06l4p/tcp: introduce tle_tcp_stream_get_state() APIKonstantin Ananyev5-80/+150
2021-06-03l4p: add ability to assign user-data to the streamKonstantin Ananyev10-34/+50
2021-05-14l4p/tcp: introduce tle_tcp_stream_rx_bulk() APIKonstantin Ananyev2-0/+105
2021-05-14l4p/tcp: introduce tle_tcp_stream_establish() APIKonstantin Ananyev6-87/+298
2021-04-28bump dpdk version to 20.05Konstantin Ananyev19-266/+275
2020-03-11l4p/tcp: Reset wscale when timestamp is not setMariusz Drost1-0/+4
2020-03-09test/memtank: extend with extra statsKonstantin Ananyev1-85/+281
2020-03-04l4p/tcp_ofo: Add status on exit to test scriptMariusz Drost1-0/+7
2020-03-03l4p/tcp_ofo: Add usage of --mbuf-numMariusz Drost1-2/+5
2020-03-03l4fwd: Add new cmd-line parameter --mbuf-numMariusz Drost5-9/+21
2020-02-04l4p/tcp_ofo: ofo and loss tests mergeMariusz Drost4-166/+315
2020-02-03l4fwd: Change rx offload defaultMariusz Drost1-5/+1
2020-01-31Update INFO.yaml fileVanessa Rene Valderrama1-21/+12
2019-12-31v6: make TCP stream alloc/free to use memtank APIKonstantin Ananyev15-69/+197
2019-12-31v6 rework TCP stream allocationKonstantin Ananyev4-94/+115
2019-12-31v6: memtank introductionKonstantin Ananyev10-0/+2295
2019-12-19l4p/tcp_ofo: fix killing l4fwd app in testsMariusz Drost1-1/+1
2019-12-12l4p/tcp_ofo: Tests for ofo and loss of pktsMariusz Drost5-1/+1101
2019-10-09l4p/tcp: fix SIGSEGV when reading IPv6 addressMariusz Drost1-1/+1
2019-08-13l4p/tcp: fix removing overlapped dataJielong Zhou3-6/+106
2019-08-13l4p/tcp_ofo: fix handling out-of-order packetsJielong Zhou3-69/+128
2019-07-02l4p/udp: enqueue fragmented packets as a wholeJielong Zhou1-4/+7
2019-07-01l4p: refactor rx checksum checkJianfeng Tan6-44/+28
2019-06-27l4p/tcp: few fixes for sending RST packet logicJianfeng Tan1-7/+10
2019-06-27dpdk: automate make configJianfeng Tan3-5/+12
2019-06-14dpdk: move to v18.11 as default DPDK versionJianfeng Tan7-35/+21
2019-06-13l4p: fix compile errorJianfeng Tan1-0/+1
2019-05-23l4p/udp: fix errno not setJianfeng Tan1-2/+7
2019-05-23l4p/tcp: fix seq calculation in partial ackJielong Zhou1-6/+7
2019-05-23l4p/tcp: fix dropping sequential packetJielong Zhou1-7/+3
2019-05-23fix implicit-fallthrough errorJianfeng Tan1-0/+2
2019-05-22test/gtest: fix issue with CIKonstantin Ananyev1-3/+3
2018-08-15Add INFO.yaml fileVanessa Rene Valderrama1-0/+66
2018-02-09tldk: introduce versioning, follow DPDK notationv18.02Konstantin Ananyev3-0/+91
2018-02-09Merge "at DPDK queue setup take into account device descriptor limits."Konstantin Ananyev2-7/+15
2018-02-08at DPDK queue setup take into account device descriptor limits.Konstantin Ananyev2-7/+15
2018-02-08Move to 17.11 as default DPDK version.Konstantin Ananyev2-6/+5
2018-02-07tldk: make sure it builds/works with latest dpdk (17.11/18.02)Konstantin Ananyev13-156/+178
2017-11-24l4fwd: allow to specify TX payload contents for rxtx modeKonstantin Ananyev5-16/+104
2017-11-01tle_tcp: return ENODATA for unprocessed/unused packets that belong to existin...Konstantin Ananyev1-2/+1
2017-10-31Integrate TLDK with NGINXKonstantin Ananyev457-0/+228981
2017-07-27- Introduce tle_tcp_stream_readv() and tle_tcp_stream_writev().Konstantin Ananyev22-281/+902