AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
106 min.vcl: rx dequeue notifications with epollHEADmasterFlorin Coras1-52/+57
107 min.vcl: minimize vpp to vcl rx eventsFlorin Coras1-1/+11
13 hoursgso: packet coalesce libraryMohsin Kazmi15-9/+1221
14 hoursip: add VNET_IP_TABLE_ADD_DEL_FUNCTIONSteven Luong4-0/+137
32 hoursvcl: clear ct rx event on right fifoFlorin Coras1-1/+1
34 hoursdocs: correct fib tunnel diagram referenceChristian Hopps1-1/+1
36 hoursnat: move deterministic nat to det44 sub featureFilip Varga27-3108/+4484
38 hoursnat: remove non-error error countersKlement Sekera16-507/+585
38 hoursacl: use the global heap when allocating the lookup contextAndrew Yourtchenko1-0/+3
39 hoursvppapigen: remove unreachable codeOle Troan1-1/+0
39 hoursstats: remove offsets on vpp sideOle Troan7-209/+82
2 daysvcl: mt detection and cleanupFlorin Coras4-67/+109
3 daysvcl: support multi-threads with session migrationhanlin9-26/+263
3 daysvcl: support inter worker rpcFlorin Coras6-30/+205
3 daysvppapigen: add support for empty optionsOle Troan3-4/+18
3 dayspapi: allow unknown address familyOle Troan2-10/+71
4 daysstats: add timeout for in_progress access to stat segmentOle Troan2-8/+50
4 daysstats: name and error index client memory leakOle Troan3-27/+77
6 daysvcl: fix getting wrong non-blocking flags issue in VPPCOM_ATTR_GET_FLAGS actionSimon Zhang1-2/+4
7 daysvrrp: change init of vrrp key in VR lookupMatthew Smith1-5/+7
8 daysmemif: wrong interface counter is incrementedSteven Luong1-2/+2
8 daysbash: fix pip install issue with jjb-sandbox-env functionDave Wallace1-1/+2
8 daysvppinfra: harmonize function namesDave Barach3-16/+16
8 daysmisc: harmonize namesDave Barach41-260/+273
9 daysinterface: add pcap trace data preallocationDave Barach2-4/+48
10 daysvcl: fix epoll timeoutFlorin Coras1-1/+1
11 daystcp: improve timestamp rtt accuracyFlorin Coras6-43/+38
11 daysunittest: add clib_count_equal_u8/16/32/64 testsBenoît Ganne2-5/+101
11 daysvppinfra: fix clib_count_equal_u8/16/32/64 overflowBenoît Ganne1-47/+30
2020-07-31nsim: limit tx burst size and refactor input nodeFlorin Coras2-64/+30
2020-07-31nsim: basic reorder supportFlorin Coras6-388/+417
2020-07-31ip-neighbor: Allow to replace dynamic entryVladimir Isaev2-11/+123
2020-07-30docs: Add link to 20.05 test framework docsAndrew Yourtchenko1-0/+1
2020-07-30tcp: process syn in fin-wait-2Florin Coras1-0/+1
2020-07-29feature: add vnet_feature_is_enabledDave Barach2-1/+60
2020-07-29hsa: fix handling active connection failures in the proxyIvan Shvedunov1-9/+16
2020-07-29tcp: fix skipping RSTs in SYN_SENT stateIvan Shvedunov1-0/+1
2020-07-29build: Fix 'make install-deps' errors on aarch64 CentOS 7Jieqiang Wang1-1/+6
2020-07-29ipsec: fix cli uninitialized parametersBenoît Ganne1-15/+37
2020-07-29tcp: process syn in close-waitFlorin Coras1-0/+1
2020-07-28bonding: toggle bond admin state may cause hw link state to downSteven Luong2-3/+38
2020-07-28docs: Update the VPP tutorialJohn DeNisco2-12/+21
2020-07-28ip: svr: improve performance for non-fragmentsKlement Sekera2-0/+272
2020-07-28ip: fix punt cli to only consumes a line of inputBenoît Ganne1-4/+25
2020-07-28http_static: fix session cleanupFlorin Coras1-41/+30
2020-07-28hsa: fix http server session cleanupFlorin Coras1-36/+31
2020-07-28lisp: fix cli locator-set name null terminationFlorin Coras2-8/+4
2020-07-28lisp: fix lisp/one enable/disableFlorin Coras2-85/+67
2020-07-28sr: fix prefix_len type parsingBenoît Ganne1-1/+1
2020-07-28bonding lacp: replace slave string with memberSteven Luong26-1143/+1430