AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
6 hoursvppinfra: add bihash_8/24_16 to headers listHEADmasterjiangxiaoming1-0/+2
10 hoursvirtio: checksum error reported for ip6 traffic with GSO enableSteven Luong2-11/+1
13 hourssvm: support large memfd segmentsFlorin Coras1-2/+2
16 hourstcp: no send space in timer recoveryFlorin Coras1-1/+4
16 hoursvppinfra: missing __clib_export va_unformatJuraj Linkeš1-1/+1
16 hourspci: set PCI memory enable before mapping PCI BARMohammed Hawari1-0/+12
21 hoursbuild: add -E to sudo invocation in top-level MakefileDamjan Marion1-1/+1
23 hourstap: fix the api for use of vec_lenMohsin Kazmi1-3/+8
25 hourstcp: updating time constans as timer tick changedRyujiro Shibuya2-15/+17
34 hoursvlib: per-class logging configuration in startup.confDamjan Marion3-3/+99
37 hoursstats: missing dimension in stat_set_simple_counterOle Troan3-9/+26
37 hoursvppinfra: missing __clib_exportNathan Skrzypczak1-1/+1
38 hoursvlib: print logs to stderr if interactive or nosyslog setDamjan Marion14-90/+171
39 hoursbuild: fix broken debian dependencies on ubuntu-18.04 & debian-9Dave Wallace1-2/+2
39 hoursikev2: support sending requests from responderFilip Tehlar4-29/+146
41 hoursipsec: support for multipoint on ipsec interfacesNeale Ranns7-11/+192
41 hoursip: convert u32 entry_flags to vl_api_mfib_entry_flags_t on mroute APINeale Ranns12-146/+225
42 hoursikev2: fix setting responder/initiator addressesFilip Tehlar4-67/+95
42 hoursikev2: prevent crash after no IP addressFilip Tehlar1-196/+345
43 hourscnat: allow max_u16 translation backendsNathan Skrzypczak4-8/+25
44 hoursvirtio: run process to send interrupts to input nodesMohsin Kazmi4-17/+112
44 hoursipsec: Add to the SA info directly in the bihashNeale Ranns7-81/+294
45 hoursvcl: wait for sendto to connect if neededFlorin Coras1-8/+15
45 hoursmisc: fix tracedump graph api initialization overflowBenoît Ganne1-2/+0
45 hoursaf_xdp: fix NUMA node parsingBenoît Ganne1-11/+9
45 hoursstn: remove dependency on tcp and udp headersFlorin Coras1-6/+18
45 hoursgso: remove dependency on tcp proto implementationFlorin Coras3-2/+2
45 hourssvm: fix ASAN annotations for external chunksBenoît Ganne3-0/+9
45 hoursvppinfra: fix ASAN annotationBenoît Ganne1-0/+1
45 hourssvm: fix fifo unit testBenoît Ganne1-4/+6
45 hoursvirtio: improve input node performanceDamjan Marion1-13/+26
45 hoursvirtio: move lock and kick to outer functionDamjan Marion1-31/+28
45 hoursmisc: minimize dependencies on udp.hFlorin Coras65-305/+400
2 daystls: enable cert key pair setting for connectjiangxiaoming1-0/+1
2 daysdpdk: Disable VLAN filtering for VLAN sub-interface in i40e driverDimitrios Markou1-2/+2
2 daysvppinfra: export elog_read_file_not_inline()Dave Barach1-1/+1
2 daysstats: crash when adding/deleting interfacesOle Troan1-4/+3
3 daysvcl: confirm reset on transport cleanupFlorin Coras1-3/+16
3 daysvcl: more session struct cleanupFlorin Coras3-104/+108
3 dayswireguard: reset secret data before freeing itBenoît Ganne1-4/+4
3 daysvcl: convert vep variables into flagsFlorin Coras4-66/+56
3 daysipsec: Stack the adj from the destination in the SA's TX tableNeale Ranns1-1/+1
3 daysvcl: cleanup read and write readyFlorin Coras4-65/+50
3 daysvppinfra: minor refactor in lock.hDave Barach1-2/+4
3 daysip: Move the IP6 fib into ip6_[m]fib.cNeale Ranns15-153/+186
4 dayshsa: refactor socket client appFlorin Coras3-315/+177
4 dayshsa: cleanup sock server testFlorin Coras4-382/+263
4 daysipsec: Layout and prefetching of SA structNeale Ranns3-26/+44
4 daysvirtio: fix compilation timeDamjan Marion1-30/+31
4 daysgso: add checksum validation in groMohsin Kazmi2-1/+23