AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2017-03-08David Block doc fixesIdo Barnea1-229/+283
2017-03-08Got rid of get_vm_one_queue(). Separated its uses to many small attributes. -...Ido Barnea9-329/+335
2017-03-08doc/ update tutorial to update to latest packageHanoh Haim1-3/+6
2017-03-08Regression: fix Python3 list of ports, update trex21 benchmark, other minor c...Yaroslav Brustinov5-27/+23
2017-03-07Revert "Got rid of get_vm_one_queue(). Separated its uses to many small attri...Ido Barnea9-338/+313
2017-03-07Regression: Python3 print...Yaroslav Brustinov1-1/+1
2017-03-07scapy_service: typoYaroslav Brustinov1-1/+1
2017-03-07scapy_server: fix layer offset calculation(pkt.offset -> pkt._offset)Anton Kiselev1-3/+3
2017-03-07scapy_server: add build_pkt_details test with offset & length verificationAnton Kiselev1-2/+28
2017-03-07scapy_server: fix template testsAnton Kiselev3-63/+50
2017-03-07dpdk_setup_ports: fix vfio-pci always raisingYaroslav Brustinov1-8/+8
2017-03-07older .so in zmqYaroslav Brustinov1-0/+0
2017-03-07* fix net_ixgbe_vf driver xstats not putting idYaroslav Brustinov3-34/+5
2017-03-07* add trex22 (Mellanox VF) and trex23(XL710 VF) regression configsYaroslav Brustinov9-81/+410
2017-03-07Got rid of get_vm_one_queue(). Separated its uses to many small attributes.Ido Barnea9-313/+338
2017-03-07small fixes to TRexDataAnalysis and GAObjclassitraviv2-298/+309
2017-03-06internal captures are not captured (RX core server feature)imarom2-3/+12
2017-03-06added error description to asciidocitraviv1-0/+11
2017-03-06dpdk_setup_ports: fix MellanoxYaroslav Brustinov1-2/+3
2017-03-05Deal with loaded Kernel modules in Python:Yaroslav Brustinov3-120/+185
2017-03-05Use vfio-pci as DPDK driver if prerequisites are satisfiedYichen Wang2-2/+7
2017-03-05Update scapy server json file for Repeatable randomYaroslav Brustinov1-1/+1
2017-03-05fix STLVmFlowVarRepetableRandom typo instructionHanoh Haim4-8/+23
2017-03-05small fixes to web reportitraviv1-1/+1
2017-03-05dpdk_nic_bind: use absolute path and not relativeYaroslav Brustinov1-2/+5
2017-03-05TRexDataAnalysisV2 renamed to TRexDataAnalysisitraviv1-0/+0
2017-03-05doc / mlx5 change to Ethernet modeHanoh Haim3-0/+25
2017-03-05update return status of dpdk_nic_bind.pyYaroslav Brustinov1-4/+8
2017-03-05update return status of dpdk_nic_bind.pyYaroslav Brustinov2-38/+39
2017-03-05removed old DataAnalysis moduleitraviv1-171/+0
2017-03-05ELKConnect - new module to fetch data from ELK server instead of GA, TRexData...itraviv3-268/+358
2017-03-05STL TUI: reduce the requirement for number of lines as we use 2 columns now i...Yaroslav Brustinov1-1/+1
2017-03-05STL console: sort streams in numerical orderYaroslav Brustinov1-3/+4
2017-03-02dpdk_setup_ports: don't setpci on Mellanox Virtual functionsYaroslav Brustinov1-2/+3
2017-03-02add --no-ver flag to building without update of version files (default is to ...Yaroslav Brustinov1-2/+4
2017-03-02t-rex-64: catch exit with trap to restore tty settingsYaroslav Brustinov5-69/+56
2017-03-01STF publisher: ensure latest results are sent by CPP + get latest dump via Py...Yaroslav Brustinov5-9/+34
2017-02-28Merge branch 'master' of csi-sceasr-b94:/auto/proj-pcube-b/apps/PL-b/tools/re...Hanoh Haim4-142/+59
2017-02-28NAT timeout is 10 sec - v2.20Hanoh Haim2-2/+3
2017-02-28Introduce capability flags in each driver, to reduce the use of get_vm_one_qu...Ido Barnea4-142/+59
2017-02-28doc/ v2.19 release notesHanoh Haim2-3/+10
2017-02-28PyZMQ restore removed by accident version of Python3/32 bitsYaroslav Brustinov126-0/+13321
2017-02-27Print error in case of Mellanox and different order of PCI.Yaroslav Brustinov1-9/+38
2017-02-27Fix for dump interfaces @ MellanoxYaroslav Brustinov1-1/+4
2017-02-27dpdk_setup_ports: change return code to 32 in case of Mellanox NICs.Yaroslav Brustinov4-20/+43
2017-02-27add a way to compile without mlx5 driver and OFEDHanoh Haim1-24/+32
2017-02-27v2.19Hanoh Haim1-1/+1
2017-02-27doc/ mlx5 connectX-5 supportHanoh Haim1-10/+11
2017-02-27release notes v2.19Hanoh Haim1-0/+21
2017-02-27mlx5 change local ibverb to OFED 4.0 libHanoh Haim18-211/+307