ci-managementManagement repo for Jenkins Job Builder, script and management related to the Je...36 hours
cicnCommunity Information-Centric Networking3 days
csitIntegration tests24 hours
deb_dpdkThe deb-dpdk team produces packages of and for the Data Plane Development Kit (D...4 weeks
govppGolang VPP Management Toolset30 hours
hc2vppHoneycomb for VPP48 hours
honeycombHoneycomb Agent31 hours
nsh_sfcThis Project aims to add the mechanisms to VPP to provide NSH based packet forwa...35 hours
odp4vppodp4vpp project aims to provide VPP with an additional vnet device based on Open...11 days
oneOverlay Network Engine3 days
p4vppP4 is a domain specific language that allows developers to write packet processi...8 weeks
puppet-fdioDeploys FD.IO projects, currently VPP and Honeycomb agent, to to various OSs usi...8 days
rpm_dpdkThe rpm-dpdk project will produce RPM packages of the Data Plane Development Kit...3 months
test_injectorThis is a test project for training purposes.14 months
tldkThe TLDK (Transport Layer Development Kit) project will implement a set of libra...3 months
trexTRex is an open source, low cost, stateful and stateless traffic generator fuell...3 months
vppVector Packet Processing68 min.
vppsbVPP Sandbox24 hours