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rls2206lab: update 3n-alt docsJuraj Linkeš117 min.
masterlab: update 3n-alt docsJuraj Linkeš117 min.
oper-220627Trending: Add names of new ICX TBsTibor Frank3 days
oper-rls2206-220627Report: Add rc2 dataTibor Frank6 days
oper-220621fix: 3n-alt missing in regressions and progressionsViliam Luc8 days
oper-rls2206-220621fix: testpmd and l3fwd check stateViliam Luc13 days
oper-rls2202-220321Report: Fix typoTibor Frank3 months
oper-rls2202-220328Report: Fix typoTibor Frank3 months
rls2202Report: Fix typoTibor Frank3 months
rls2110Add source to specTibor Frank5 months
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117 min.lab: update 3n-alt docsHEADmasterJuraj Linkeš2-96/+101
119 min.job-spec: Reduce number of iterative tests for 2n-clxTibor Frank2-16/+0
3 hoursfeat(doc): update ASTF related methodologyVratko Polak4-121/+159
3 hoursfeat(methodology): add methodology for autogenVratko Polak2-0/+140
4 hoursstyle(tox): prepare for fixer scriptsVratko Polak10-28/+38
5 hoursjob_specs: add wireguard perf tests to regressionYulong Pei3-1/+9
6 hoursjob_specs: add IPsec perf tests and GTPU perf tests to regressionYulong Pei3-0/+114
22 hoursjob-spec: Reduce number of iterative tests for 2n-clxTibor Frank2-42/+2
24 hoursUTI: Add comments and clean the code.Tibor Frank6-145/+254
24 hoursUTI: Colors in iteraive graphsTibor Frank1-0/+1