BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterCSIT-1471: Migrate Dhcp library from VAT to PAPIJan Gelety2 days
oper-190715PAL: Skip daily-master-3n-skx/540Vratko Polak2 days
rls1904Add backward compatibility for kernel vm imagejuraj.linkes5 days
rls1904_1Add backward compatibility for kernel vm imagejuraj.linkes5 days
rls1901_3Report: func static contentJan Gelety9 days
oper-190708FIX: use correct slicing of classify mask/match stringJan Gelety11 days
oper-190626FIX: re-introduce VAT for IP scale testsJan Gelety3 weeks
rls1901_2Report 1901.2: Add note to Release notesTibor Frank7 weeks
oper-rls1904-190516Tests: Add IPSEC SW scale testsTibor Frank2 months
rls1901_1Change 2 node Denverton testbed descriptionYulong Pei4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2 daysCSIT-1471: Migrate Dhcp library from VAT to PAPIHEADmasterJan Gelety1-4/+9
2 daysFIX: naming convention fixes for TOXPeter Mikus5-5/+5
2 daysVAT API to PAPI CONVERSIONpremkumarv2-15/+41
2 daysTOX: Naming conventionsPeter Mikus2-1/+148
2 daysPAL: Skip daily-master-3n-skx/540Vratko Polak1-0/+3
2 daysCSIT-1469: Migrate SRv6 library from VAT to PAPIJan Gelety10-167/+293
2 daysRemove un-interested VIRL tests and related resourcesJan Gelety20-2098/+1
2 daysPLRsearch methodology: Add more comments to graphsVratko Polak3-25/+151
2 daysFIX: COP ipv6 missing FIBPeter Mikus3-2/+6
2 daysAdd support for default_nic in mrr tag listsjuraj.linkes2-6/+7