csitIntegration tests11 min.
vppVector Packet Processing14 hours
govppGolang VPP Management Toolset19 hours
ci-managementManagement repo for Jenkins Job Builder, script and management related to the Je...20 hours
vsapVSAP(VPP Stack Acceleration Project) aims to establish an industry user space ap...2 days
hicnHybrid Information-Centric Networking2 weeks
honeycombHoneycomb Agent6 weeks
tldkThe TLDK (Transport Layer Development Kit) project will implement a set of libra...3 months
cicnCommunity Information-Centric Networking3 months
udpiThe UDPI (Universal Deep Packet Inspection) project is a reference framework to ...4 months
deb_dpdkARCHIVED- 2020-02-21 at the request of the project5 months
sweetcombSweetcomb Agent5 months
trexTRex is an open source, low cost, stateful and stateless traffic generator fuell...5 months
rpm_dpdkThe rpm-dpdk project will produce RPM packages of the Data Plane Development Kit...5 months
puppet-fdioDeploys FD.IO projects, currently VPP and Honeycomb agent, to to various OSs usi...5 months
nsh_sfcThis Project aims to add the mechanisms to VPP to provide NSH based packet forwa...5 months
dmmUnnamed repository5 months
hc2vppHoneycomb for VPP5 months
jvppUnnamed repository5 months
test_injectorThis is a test project for training purposes.10 months
opflexvppVPP renderer for opflex agent11 months
vppsbVPP Sandbox13 months
oneOverlay Network Engine14 months
pma_toolspma_tools project aims to develop software tools for performance and efficiency ...21 months
odp4vppodp4vpp project aims to provide VPP with an additional vnet device based on Open...2 years
p4vppP4 is a domain specific language that allows developers to write packet processi...3 years