BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterfeat: support for new packet format in hicn-lightJordan Augé40 hours
stable/2106HICN-717 Packages for libmemif v21.06Mauro Sardara14 months
stable/2101HICN-715 Correct libtransport dependencies in deb packageMauro Sardara14 months
hicn-light-ng[HICN-712] Fix listener table retrievalEnrico Loparco (eloparco)15 months
transport-ngMerge "[HICN-696] packethicn: add support for native hicn and fix find wiresh...Mauro Sardara18 months
stable/2009[HICN-684] 20.09 ReleaseMauro Sardara20 months
stable/2005[HICN-643] Fix build-packages script.Mauro Sardara24 months
host-stack[HICN-642] Porting of fixes for hicn_plugin punting api.Mauro Sardara2 years
v22.02-rc0commit 18fa668f25...Mauro Sardara6 months
v21.01commit c06fe7cbe4...Mauro Sardara14 months
v21.01-rc1commit 80c7eb439f...Mauro Sardara14 months
v21.06-rc0commit f62e74657d...Mauro Sardara14 months
v20.09commit 0e6a1cf14d...Mauro Sardara20 months
v21.01-rc0commit 71a5c399d8...Mauro Sardara20 months
v20.05commit 74f598a0b0...Mauro Sardara23 months
v20.05-rc0tag 618fe36085...Mauro Sardara23 months
v20.09-rc0tag f195c67ea9...Mauro Sardara23 months
v20.01commit fa11d711aa...Alberto Compagno3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
40 hoursfeat: support for new packet format in hicn-lightHEADmasterJordan Augé45-1026/+507
2 daysMerge "fix(rtc-production-protocol): do not modify packet just after sending it"Michele Papalini6-27/+40
2 daysrefactor(io_modules): remove deprecated loopback moduleMauro Sardara6-319/+0
2 daysfix(rtc-production-protocol): do not modify packet just after sending itMauro Sardara6-27/+40
5 daysfix(memif.patch): use correct cwd in git describeMauro Sardara1-1/+10
6 daysMerge "fix(stats): fix forwarder statistics retrieval"Mauro Sardara28-267/+350
6 daysMerge "fix(Makefile): fix the `make commit-template` target"Luca Muscariello1-2/+9
6 dayschore(hicn-plugin): install hicn.api.jsonMauro Sardara1-0/+5
6 daysfix(Makefile): fix the `make commit-template` targetMauro Sardara1-2/+9
8 daysfix(stats): fix forwarder statistics retrievalEnrico Loparco (eloparco)28-267/+350