BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastertcp: remove useless predictionSimon Zhang11 hours
stable/2001fib: adjacency midchain teardown (VPP-1841)Neale Ranns3 days
stable/1908mactime: remove unnecessary function declarationNeale Ranns4 days
stable/1904fib: Adjacency walk fix for IPv6Neale Ranns2 months
stable/1901vlib: address vlib_error_t scaling issueSteven Luong3 months
stable/1807Clean up multi-thread barrier-sync hold-down timerDave Barach9 months
stable/1804fix packets redirect ineffective on af-packet interfacechenxiang17 months
stable/1801fix issue with missing sample_main in sample pluginDamjan Marion18 months
stable/1710l2-flood: fix restore vnet buffer's flags in the replication routineSteve Shin2 years
v20.01commit fce396738f...Andrew Yourtchenko3 weeks
v20.01-rc2commit 29acfa2ad5...Andrew Yourtchenko4 weeks
v20.01-rc1commit c7fe31cfff...Andrew Yourtchenko5 weeks
v20.05-rc0commit 8ad070e102...Andrew Yourtchenko5 weeks
v19.04.4-rc0commit dfec10d137...Dave Wallace4 months
v19.04.3commit bdb89b9897...Dave Wallace4 months
v19.08.1commit f4dcae4164...Andrew Yourtchenko5 months
v19.08commit 1c586de48c...Andrew Yourtchenko6 months
v19.08-rc2commit 2f51729bb3...Andrew Yourtchenko6 months
v19.08-rc1commit 23526f78a8...Andrew Yourtchenko7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
11 hourstcp: remove useless predictionHEADmasterSimon Zhang1-3/+1
38 hoursikev2: cleanup tunnels after subsequent sa-initFilip Tehlar1-0/+5
38 hoursgbp: Coverity warnings for unitialized variablesNeale Ranns2-0/+3
38 hoursfib: Uninitialised pad in the prefix (coverity warning)Neale Ranns1-0/+2
38 hoursipsec: IPSec protection for multi-point tunnel interfacesNeale Ranns24-223/+1013
38 hoursipip: Unintialized return variable (coverity warning)Neale Ranns1-0/+1
38 hoursip: Unintialized variables in prefx setup (coverity warning)Neale Ranns2-0/+2
38 hoursdhcp: update secondary radv_info structuresDave Barach3-27/+122
39 hoursvrrp: fix coverity errorsMatthew Smith2-1/+12
2 daystcp: fix coverity warning in btFlorin Coras1-1/+1