BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterapi: multiple socket connections per single processFlorin Coras12 min.
stable/1908vxlan: fix vxlan hw offload issueChenmin Sun24 hours
stable/1901vlib: address vlib_error_t scaling issueSteven Luong11 days
stable/1904fib: Copy the prefix before use in case the underlying entry reallocs.Neale Ranns3 weeks
stable/1807Clean up multi-thread barrier-sync hold-down timerDave Barach6 months
stable/1804fix packets redirect ineffective on af-packet interfacechenxiang14 months
stable/1801fix issue with missing sample_main in sample pluginDamjan Marion15 months
stable/1710l2-flood: fix restore vnet buffer's flags in the replication routineSteve Shin2 years
stable/1707Add replicate DPO header to export list for VPPSBNeale Ranns2 years
v19.04.4-rc0commit dfec10d137...Dave Wallace5 weeks
v19.04.3commit bdb89b9897...Dave Wallace5 weeks
v19.08.1commit f4dcae4164...Andrew Yourtchenko3 months
v19.08commit 1c586de48c...Andrew Yourtchenko4 months
v19.08-rc2commit 2f51729bb3...Andrew Yourtchenko4 months
v19.08-rc1commit 23526f78a8...Andrew Yourtchenko4 months
v20.01-rc0commit e41fd65381...Andrew Yourtchenko4 months
v19.04.2commit d95a226047...Dave Wallace4 months
v19.01.3commit bef25c30a1...Andrew Yourtchenko5 months
v19.04.2-rc0commit e4a0f9fdc0...Dave Wallace6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
12 min.api: multiple socket connections per single processHEADmasterFlorin Coras2-31/+164
13 min.session: close for reset replies independent of stateFlorin Coras1-2/+2
10 hourstcp: fix tail rescue with sacksFlorin Coras1-5/+7
16 hourstests: move bfd over gre to extended testsPaul Vinciguerra1-0/+1
17 hourssrv6-mobileTetsuya Murakami1-2/+2
21 hoursmap: fix MAP-T ip6 port checkMatthew Smith2-5/+60
21 hourstests: quic enable per testcase timeout overridesPaul Vinciguerra1-3/+8
22 hoursclassify: vpp packet tracer supportDave Barach7-36/+271
23 hoursip: fix cancel termination after receive malformed ip6 packetjohny2-5/+68
23 hourssrv6-mobileTetsuya Murakami9-67/+997