BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterfib: fix dpo-receive address in ip6-ll fibsVladislav Grishenko43 hours
stable/2210vcl: repatch "align the RST behaviour with kernel"Yacan Liu5 days
stable/2206dpdk: fix arm iavf rx vector path on 22.03Tianyu Li5 weeks
stable/2202dpdk: improve rx burst count per loopFan Zhang4 months
stable/2110build: Remove boost dependencies from VOMDave Wallace10 months
stable/2106rdma: fix rdma-core installBenoît Ganne10 months
stable/2101misc: 21.01.1 Release NotesAndrew Yourtchenko15 months
stable/2009dpdk: disable i40evf in favor of iavf patchJuraj Linkeš16 months
stable/1908tcp: fix bt acked_sacked on recoveryFlorin Coras24 months
stable/2005build: touch files when extracting rpm tarballsDave Wallace2 years
v22.10-rc1commit f845abb5dd...Andrew Yourtchenko10 days
v23.02-rc0commit a2a7a4031b...Andrew Yourtchenko10 days
v22.06commit 0d352a97c5...Andrew Yourtchenko3 months
v22.06-rc2commit ea4bcec987...Andrew Yourtchenko4 months
v22.06-rc1commit 211fa4748c...Andrew Yourtchenko4 months
v22.10-rc0commit e0301eeb7b...Andrew Yourtchenko4 months
v22.02commit 7911f29c51...Andrew Yourtchenko7 months
v22.02-rc2commit 9d2db2eb2e...Andrew Yourtchenko8 months
v22.02-rc1commit 93e5bea2d3...Andrew Yourtchenko8 months
v22.06-rc0commit 017a676654...Andrew Yourtchenko8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
43 hoursfib: fix dpo-receive address in ip6-ll fibsHEADmasterVladislav Grishenko2-2/+9
43 hoursudp: add udp encap source port entropy supportVladislav Grishenko9-41/+355
2 daysgso: clear the offload flags from segmented buffersMohsin Kazmi1-0/+1
2 daysapi: deprecate vl_msg_api_set_handlersDamjan Marion12-116/+168
3 daysvpp-swan: Add scripts for testingGabriel Oginski12-0/+409
3 daysvpp-swan: Add plugin for vpp-swanGabriel Oginski13-0/+3713
3 daystests: stabilize wireguard ratelimiting testAlexander Chernavin1-29/+13
4 daysaf_xdp: change RLIMIT_MEMLOCK before load bpf programChen Yahui1-0/+7
4 daystests: enable ipsec-esp 'make test' testcases on ubuntu-22.04Dave Wallace2-59/+1
4 dayswireguard: stop sending handshakes when wg intf is downAlexander Chernavin2-4/+199