BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastersession: grab worker barrier for sapi msgsFlorin Coras38 hours
stable/2009vppapigen: crcchecker: report in-progress messagesAndrew Yourtchenko4 days
stable/2001misc: 19.08.3 Release NotesAndrew Yourtchenko13 days
stable/2005misc: 19.08.3 Release NotesAndrew Yourtchenko13 days
stable/1908misc: 19.08.3 Release NotesAndrew Yourtchenko4 weeks
stable/1904misc: fix the MAKE_PARALLEL_JOBS for 'make verify' targetAndrew Yourtchenko3 months
stable/1901vlib: address vlib_error_t scaling issueSteven Luong10 months
stable/1807Clean up multi-thread barrier-sync hold-down timerDave Barach16 months
stable/1804fix packets redirect ineffective on af-packet interfacechenxiang24 months
v20.09-rc2commit a87deb77da...Andrew Yourtchenko4 days
v20.09-rc1commit fb6d768419...Andrew Yourtchenko11 days
v21.01-rc0commit 0b31630ce7...Andrew Yourtchenko11 days
v19.08.3commit 37e99c22df...Andrew Yourtchenko4 weeks
v20.05.1commit b1500e9fff...Andrew Yourtchenko2 months
v20.05commit ab572152d9...Andrew Yourtchenko4 months
v20.05-rc2commit 63f9e7cc0e...Andrew Yourtchenko4 months
v20.05-rc1commit b8e9009400...Andrew Yourtchenko4 months
v20.09-rc0commit b163bbb748...Andrew Yourtchenko4 months
v19.08.2commit ec9ce338f0...Andrew Yourtchenko5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
38 hourssession: grab worker barrier for sapi msgsHEADmasterFlorin Coras1-0/+5
39 hoursdpdk: prevent linking dpdk against libbsdMohammed Hawari1-1/+16
39 hoursbuild: missing deb pkg on ubuntu-20.04Dave Wallace1-1/+1
43 hoursfib: skip byte swap on n_paths in mroute detailsMatthew Smith1-2/+2
46 hoursvat: add infrastructure to align vnet test code and plugin test codeOle Troan14-519/+486
46 hoursvlib: add decrement counter methodSergey Matov1-0/+19
46 hourstap: do not use strlen on vectorVladimir Isaev1-2/+1
46 hourssession: fix vpp exit abnormal due to application as a proxy server with ldpfanyf1-1/+9
47 hoursdpdk: call the meson-based build instead of MakefilesMohammed Hawari2-271/+220
2 daysvirtio: fix txq lockingBenoƮt Ganne3-2/+23