BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastervcl: rx dequeue notifications with epollFlorin Coras2 hours
stable/1908vat: fix static analysis warningAndreas Schultz29 hours
stable/2005build: Fix 'make install-deps' errors on aarch64 CentOS 7Jieqiang Wang2 weeks
stable/2001build: Fix 'make install-deps' errors on aarch64 CentOS 7Jieqiang Wang2 weeks
stable/1904misc: fix the MAKE_PARALLEL_JOBS for 'make verify' targetAndrew Yourtchenko7 weeks
stable/1901vlib: address vlib_error_t scaling issueSteven Luong9 months
stable/1807Clean up multi-thread barrier-sync hold-down timerDave Barach15 months
stable/1804fix packets redirect ineffective on af-packet interfacechenxiang22 months
stable/1801fix issue with missing sample_main in sample pluginDamjan Marion23 months
stable/1710l2-flood: fix restore vnet buffer's flags in the replication routineSteve Shin3 years
stable/1707Add replicate DPO header to export list for VPPSBNeale Ranns3 years
stable/1704VPP debug image with worker threads hit assert on adding IP route with traffi...Neale Ranns3 years
stable/1701Fix pretty-printing in "api trace custom-dump" (VPP-683)Andrew Yourtchenko3 years
stable/1609Vhost: Add thread sync while receiving vhost messagePierre Pfister4 years
stable/1606Fix generate-deb-changelog to handle YY.MM releaseEd Warnicke4 years
stable/testWhitespace probe for CIEd Warnicke4 years