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+## Introduction
+The UDPI (Universal Deep Packet Inspection) project is a reference framework to build a high performance solution
+for Deep Packet Inspection, integrated with the general purpose FD.io VPP stack.
+It leverages industry regex matching library to provide a rich set of features,
+which can be used in IPS/IDS, Web Firewall and similar applications.
+For more information on UDPI and its features please visit the
+[UDPI website](https://wiki.fd.io/view/UDPI)
+## Changes
+Details of the changes leading up to this version of UDPI can be found under
+@ref release notes.
+## Getting started
+Make sure you have added FD.io repository using https://packagecloud.io/fdio/release/
+installation script.
+You should have a sight on the release package, the package name may be different depending on the distribution.
+(ex: vpp-plugins.deb for VPP 19.01 and vpp-plugin-core.deb and vpp-plugin-dpdk.deb in 19.04)