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2021-04-03[HICN-558] Fix bug in pool_put and add tests for several pool_get / pool_puthicn-light-ngEnrico Loparco (eloparco)2-5/+40
Signed-off-by: Enrico Loparco (eloparco) <eloparco@cisco.com> Change-Id: Ie0ee6d17ab87586143ecf07e648d22b3af72bbcd
2021-03-31[HICN-558, HICN-556] Fix bugs in pool and bitmapEnrico Loparco (eloparco)4-13/+11
Fix element size in pool. Solve realloc problem in bitmap. Use the object size (not its pointer) when adding an object to the pool. Signed-off-by: Enrico Loparco (eloparco) <eloparco@cisco.com> Change-Id: Id338e403b09bb22f3a326d2cb28cf09300c0de33 Signed-off-by: Enrico Loparco (eloparco) <eloparco@cisco.com>
2021-03-30[HICN-555] Fix loop data structure and khash initializationsEnrico Loparco (eloparco)4-17/+15
Signed-off-by: Enrico Loparco (eloparco) <eloparco@cisco.com> Change-Id: I496315ede9b9e9ee2aed79a697e217b8c8b1c211
2021-03-30[HICN-645] Fix data structures to support hicn-light-daemon and ↵Enrico Loparco (eloparco)27-530/+609
hicn-light-control communication The daemon should be able to start, receive commands from hicn-light-control and execute them. Signed-off-by: Enrico Loparco (eloparco) <eloparco@cisco.com> Change-Id: I0ca5bb3d9bdfb37ac8cfa9f671f6c162c9a394f5 Signed-off-by: Enrico Loparco (eloparco) <eloparco@cisco.com>
2021-03-19[HICN-645] Control plane (WIP)Jordan Augé72-2271/+3564
Change-Id: I4be6a40b690b62f22f57de6d8c10b01a1be42a6d Signed-off-by: Jordan Augé <jordan.auge+fdio@cisco.com> Signed-off-by: Enrico Loparco (eloparco) <eloparco@cisco.com> Signed-off-by: Mauro Sardara <msardara@cisco.com>
2020-09-28[HICN-570] Message buffer (incl. CS and PIT changes)Jordan Augé53-1218/+2090
Change-Id: I4c508e4b04dee3acbfc3da1d26e1770cb826f22b Signed-off-by: Jordan Augé <jordan.auge+fdio@cisco.com>
2020-09-21[HICN-563] listener and connection tablesJordan Augé9-104/+421
Change-Id: I88b85a61908d97bda1afb08d31c3bf10b4d9c5c5 Signed-off-by: Jordan Augé <jordan.auge+fdio@cisco.com>
2020-09-18[HICN-555] Base data structures: vector, bitmap, pool (code + doc)Jordan Augé6-111/+492
Change-Id: I30b559974d4bdf57eb458f1c43a71f47598c2e70 Signed-off-by: Jordan Augé <jordan.auge+fdio@cisco.com>
2020-09-18[HICN-636] correct bitmap testAngelo Mantellini1-12/+12
Signed-off-by: Angelo Mantellini <angelo.mantellini@cisco.com> Change-Id: Id5ffd685ad23530bb93011c1639920faea45639a
2020-09-18[HICN-636] add gtests for vector, pool, hash, khash, bitmapAngelo Mantellini9-6/+469
Signed-off-by: Angelo Mantellini <angelo.mantellini@cisco.com> Change-Id: I6f3dd773a520ac3f4c4c2e69988082ba326cd61e Signed-off-by: Angelo Mantellini <angelo.mantellini@cisco.com>
2020-09-09[HICN-636] Add gtest framework and first tests for loop.Mauro Sardara9-19/+366
Signed-off-by: Mauro Sardara <msardara@cisco.com> Change-Id: I133c8adda125c430aa9c4a35fb63bf1d8585afe9 Signed-off-by: Mauro Sardara <msardara@cisco.com>
2020-09-09[HICN-555] Reworked loopMauro Sardara18-321/+236
Signed-off-by: Mauro Sardara <msardara@cisco.com> Change-Id: Ia837da43b797a3f4d30d832e7ad2b0ec8cc3fefe Signed-off-by: Mauro Sardara <msardara@cisco.com>
2020-05-14Added new .gitreview pointing to correct branch.Mauro Sardara0-0/+0
Change-Id: I25d2943cdabda71bbaab500f6cf62848502f46c6 Signed-off-by: Mauro Sardara <msardara@cisco.com>
2020-04-27Merge "[HICN-554] hicn-light refactoring" into hicn-light-ngJordan Augé231-24129/+14289
2020-04-27[HICN-554] hicn-light refactoringAngelo Mantellini232-24130/+14292
Change-Id: I36f2d393741d4502ce14d3791158e43e3e9cd4cf Signed-off-by: Jordan Augé <jordan.auge+fdio@cisco.com>
2020-04-07Regenerate the hicn packagesAngelo Mantellini1-0/+2
Signed-off-by: Angelo Mantellini <angelo.mantellini@cisco.com> Change-Id: Ia6ef4905e1b1d45539aa3ebc5d6260fd48040792
2020-04-01[HICN-587] Fix RAAQM default config pathOlivier Roques1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Olivier Roques <oroques+fdio@cisco.com> Change-Id: I5c371941fcd550c676823f3f994f4a18160d632a
2020-03-31[HICN-581] update hicn stack to support windows, againAngelo Mantellini1-1/+3
Signed-off-by: Angelo Mantellini <angelo.mantellini@cisco.com> Change-Id: I74f7c08ddd4494ce9ca6df7519785fe12cd1010f
2020-03-31Merge "[HICN-581] update hicn stack to support windows, again"Angelo Mantellini27-76/+333
2020-03-31[HICN-581] update hicn stack to support windows, againAngelo Mantellini27-76/+333
Signed-off-by: Angelo Mantellini <angelo.mantellini@cisco.com> Change-Id: Ic5cfeae600fde8140a076807fa1e411da1933a02
2020-03-27[HICN-583] Remove obsolete code from hiperfOlivier Roques1-7/+0
Signed-off-by: Olivier Roques <oroques+fdio@cisco.com> Change-Id: If8bea63ccb026be54293512d371d3a269e11385e
2020-03-27[HICN-458] Setting data packet size socket option when the payload size is ↵Alberto Compagno2-2/+7
passed Signed-off-by: Alberto Compagno <acompagn+fdio@cisco.com> Change-Id: Ie0ee26a1e8bff3279cc88c4e7c09b0fdb23924c1
2020-03-24[HICN-580] Improve memory usage in signer and verifierOlivier Roques5-96/+91
This patch reduces the amount of memory used by the signer and verifier classes. It also removes some logs from VPP collectd plugins. Change-Id: I3dac7b9104b5586ac22dee60f506bee51ece2cbe Signed-off-by: Olivier Roques <oroques+fdio@cisco.com>
2020-03-23Merge "[HICN-572] Updated sysrepo documentation"Luca Muscariello1-6/+10
2020-03-23Merge "[HICN-551] Removed source code that uses acl"Luca Muscariello14-2251/+177
2020-03-23Merge "[HICN-549] Refactored pg to use punting through fib"Luca Muscariello3-252/+304
2020-03-23Merge "[HICN-548] Added node to perform a lookup in the fib with the src ↵Luca Muscariello3-1/+731
address to punt data packets"
2020-03-23Merge "[HICN-547] Removing punting through acl for interests"Luca Muscariello36-1035/+1007
2020-03-20[HICN-551] Removed source code that uses aclAlberto Compagno14-2251/+177
- Removed punting from the sysrepo-plugin - Removed calls to the punting functions of binary api in the libhicnctrl - Added documentation in vpp-plugin.md and doxygen related to pg Change-Id: I8936156d51524797441ec49f0d5e801a1ad3643a Signed-off-by: Alberto Compagno <acompagn+fdio@cisco.com>
2020-03-20[HICN-549] Refactored pg to use punting through fibAlberto Compagno3-252/+304
- interest packet generator uses the fib to forward interests. The entry in the fib matching the interest name can be a regular IP fib entry or an hICN fib entry. It is up to who configure the forwarder to chose how the forwarding should be done - the hicnpg-data is used to keep track of the number of data received in order to have statistics corresponding to the number of interests sent and data received (interest satisfied). This node punt packet registers himself as a node for satisfying local tcp packets (ip4_register_protocol or ip6_register_protocol), therefore tcp packets carrying a local address will be forwarded to it. - The hicnpg-server node satisfies interest packets by creating the correspoding data packet. It punts packet by using a feature on the interface that is passed in the configuration. Every packet that arrives on such interface is threated as an hICN interest. Change-Id: I75ffec4ce0a5afeaf321bcc48dd13fd307dd2925 Signed-off-by: Alberto Compagno <acompagn+fdio@cisco.com>
2020-03-20[HICN-573] Fixed match of data packet in the producer app faceacompagn1-0/+18
- Now the match honor the prefix length specified in the producer app face Signed-off-by: acompagn <acompagn@cisco.com> Change-Id: Icdd80b02603bb79ceeb0ab14e2da51328c0f9b74
2020-03-20[HICN-572] Updated sysrepo documentationAlberto Compagno1-6/+10
- Removed reference to the old sysrepod - Added information for the authentication to netopee2-server Change-Id: I435458bebb8f95eb8e63a45fa7fa8a3e060a08e4 Signed-off-by: Alberto Compagno <acompagn+fdio@cisco.com>
2020-03-19[HICN-548] Added node to perform a lookup in the fib with the src address to ↵Alberto Compagno3-1/+731
punt data packets Change-Id: Ia1d3a5d5b1df8bf17b289954289d449715803cfa Signed-off-by: Alberto Compagno <acompagn+fdio@cisco.com>
2020-03-19[HICN-547] Removing punting through acl for interestsAlberto Compagno36-1035/+1007
Change-Id: I71767f732ec6ede1efc66e5a99f09c3207367dcb Signed-off-by: Alberto Compagno <acompagn+fdio@cisco.com>
2020-03-18[HICN-562] Add new options to VPP collectd pluginsOlivier Roques3-89/+188
Add two options to the vpp and vpp-hicn plugins: * Verbose, to enable additional statistics * Tag, to tag the data with a given string Change-Id: Ifee6c979654f87a13787095dddab0076b218e334 Signed-off-by: Olivier Roques <oroques+fdio@cisco.com>
2020-03-18Merge "[HICN-553] Fixed path to root cmake folder that contains the macros ↵Mauro Sardara1-1/+1
2020-03-18[HICN-553] Fixed path to root cmake folder that contains the macros definitionsAlberto Compagno1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ie8c1004ce7d08e686a3e4a28eee4108830ac94cc Signed-off-by: Alberto Compagno <acompagn+fdio@cisco.com>
2020-03-17[HICN-552] don't use hicn socket on apple OSAngelo Mantellini3-4/+9
Signed-off-by: Angelo Mantellini <angelo.mantellini@cisco.com> Change-Id: Ib555fb14d3240c85f5aa4eef065faad8f2ff9795
2020-03-11Merge "[HICN-546] Fix memory leak on producer side"Alberto Compagno2-13/+7
2020-03-11[HICN-546] Fix memory leak on producer sideOlivier Roques2-13/+7
Fix a memory leak caused during the signing of packets on the producer side by releasing the signature when signing is done. Change-Id: I352885913e3a16d03fcc77116238928edb090e01 Signed-off-by: Olivier Roques <oroques+fdio@cisco.com>
2020-03-11[HICN-545] Do not schedule callbacks during segmentation in a per packet basis.Mauro Sardara2-38/+57
Signed-off-by: Mauro Sardara <msardara@cisco.com> Change-Id: I1531a1fe1d1fa51bb45edab20ee449faa34847c3
2020-03-10[HICN-544] Do not block reading incoming messages in memif connector.Mauro Sardara5-22/+40
Signed-off-by: Mauro Sardara <msardara@cisco.com> Change-Id: I844dfa64a977c9c41bfc103bb110c274802b1839 Signed-off-by: Mauro Sardara <msardara@cisco.com>
2020-03-09Merge "[HICN-540] Optimizations for libhicntransport"Alberto Compagno24-224/+351
2020-03-09[HICN-540] Optimizations for libhicntransportMauro Sardara24-224/+351
Change-Id: I8b46b4eb2ef5488c09041887cc8296a216440f33 Signed-off-by: Mauro Sardara <msardara@cisco.com>
2020-03-05[HICN-541] Add custom type database of collectd pluginsOlivier Roques3-4/+49
This patch adds the database containing the types that the two collectd plugins, vpp and vpp-hicn, defines. It is useful when using InfluxDB as it requires the type database for multi-value metrics (see https://docs.influxdata.com/influxdb/v1.7/supported_protocols/collectd/). Change-Id: Ia3e630b134e58e942be38cacb9b23379066c6e63 Signed-off-by: Olivier Roques <oroques+fdio@cisco.com>
2020-03-04[HICN-541] Change installation directory of collectd pluginsOlivier Roques3-5/+5
Signed-off-by: Olivier Roques <oroques+fdio@cisco.com> Change-Id: Ic298e57c11a0b86976d52096a2f691dd511adc3f
2020-03-02Merge "[HICN-537] Update telemetry documentation"Luca Muscariello3-6/+12
2020-02-28[HICN-537] Update telemetry documentationOlivier Roques3-6/+12
Change-Id: I3f6c656164b27481e029eb72a63030bb592a6f1b Signed-off-by: Olivier Roques <oroques+fdio@cisco.com>
2020-02-27Merge "[HICN-539] Expose portal APIs to applications"Angelo Mantellini10-64/+333
2020-02-27[HICN-539] Expose portal APIs to applicationsMauro Sardara10-64/+333
Change-Id: Icbaad69981193119714f5689faf3518d2e152e11 Signed-off-by: Mauro Sardara <msardara@cisco.com>