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Include ODL's BGP to HC minimal distro
Features: - static bgp instance - static peer registry (both remote & app peers supported) - bgp operational state exposed via RESTCONF/NETCONF - bgp-inet support - postman collection with examples TODOs: - make bgp disabled by default in honeycomb.json (probably bgp should be build using profile or allow to filter yangs loaded by SchemaCtx, otherwise footprint will grow) - update asciidocs for infra module - SPI for VPP integration: - allow RIB changes listeners - or writers (that can reject changes) to mirror netconf/restconf design - expose bgp server & peer cfg via netconf/restconf (currently read from json files) - test support for all BGP extensions (flowspec BGP needs additional care) - make bgp extensions fully configurable (probably requires changes in ODL) Testing 1) start hc distro: ./infra/minimal-distribution/target/minimal-distribution-1.17.07-SNAPSHOT-hc/minimal-distribution-1.17.07-SNAPSHOT/honeycomb 2) run bgp-testtool: java -jar ./target/bgp-testtool-0.6.3-Boron-SR3-executable.jar -ra -la -pr 2 -ll DEBUG --active true -as 65000 -mp true then GET http://localhost:8183/restconf/operational/bgp-rib:bgp-rib Change-Id: I156d6a1c79174279db8c8936c40ac1f28e14794c Signed-off-by: Marek Gradzki <>
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