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= Honeycomb {project-version} Release notes
-Release notes for honeycomb {project-version}. Based on VPP {project-vpp-snapshot-version}
+Release notes for honeycomb {project-version}.
+Honeycomb is a generic NETCONF/RESTCONF management agent and provides a framework
+for building specialized agents.
+The biggest use case of honeycomb is VPP ('s Vector packet processor).
+Honeycomb delivers a management agent to enable integration of VPP with e.g. SDN controllers such as Opendaylight.
+For VPP specific distribution of Honeycomb, refer to:
+!!!!! FIXME/TODO add link !!!!!!
== Release plan{project-public-version}[Release plan]
@@ -9,13 +18,10 @@{project-public-ver
Adding to the list of existing features:[1609 feature list]:
=== New features
-*[NAT management]
-*[iOAM management]
=== Removed features
=== Modified features
-* ACL management improvements
*[Initializers tie-in with readers]
** Instead of root level initializer, initialization can be split among multiple initializing readers
*[Readers/ReadCustomizers able to influence presence of resulting data]
@@ -28,8 +34,6 @@ Adding to the list of existing features:
*{project-version-in-jira}[Release notes]
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