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Release notes cleanup after releasing Honeycomb 1.17.07
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Release notes for honeycomb {project-version}.
-Honeycomb is a generic NETCONF/RESTCONF management agent and provides a framework
-for building specialized agents.
+Honeycomb is a generic management agent and provides a framework
+for building specialized agents. Exposes NETCONF, RESTCONF and BGP as northbound interfaces.
It uses many features and utilities from different[Opendaylight (ODL)] projects
-(e.g. yangtools, controller, mdsal and netconf).
+(e.g. yangtools, controller, mdsal, netconf, bgpcep).
The biggest use case of honeycomb is VPP ('s Vector packet processor).
Honeycomb delivers a management agent to enable integration of VPP with e.g. SDN controllers such as Opendaylight.