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<!-- Attributes below are inlined into resulting documentation,
making it much easier when bumping versions -->
- <project-public-version>17.04</project-public-version>
- <project-version-in-jira>10600</project-version-in-jira>
+ <project-public-version>17.07</project-public-version>
+ <project-version-in-jira>10702</project-version-in-jira>
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@@ -17,34 +17,18 @@ For VPP specific distribution of Honeycomb, please refer to{project-public-version}[Release plan]
== Features
-* Generic, model-driven agent framework providing northbound interfaces
-* Persistence/reconciliation mechanism
-* [Minimal distribution]
-** optimized set of ODL components, static wiring, runnable shell scripts
+Adding to the list of existing features:[1704 feature list]
=== New features
-*[RPC support]
-** RPC translation is done using RpcServices registered in RpcRegistry.
-*[Loading test data from resource files]
-** Provides convenient framework for testing translation layer.
=== Removed features
=== Modified features
-*[Initializers tie-in with readers]
-** Instead of root level initializer, initialization can be split among multiple initializing readers
-*[Readers/ReadCustomizers able to influence presence of resulting data]
-** Suitable for presence container readers
=== Deprecated features
== Backlog
-Process of spiting honeycomb project into generic (honeycomb) and vpp related (hc2vpp) parts
-was done during 1.17.01 release. Issues for both projects were tracked in the same jira.
*{project-version-in-jira}[Release notes]