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2018-10-16jitter: added parser friendly output optionHEADmasterPatrick Lu1-2/+23
Introduce '-f' flag for csv output, so it's easier to parse. Change-Id: I278a9fa919f04530f6288bbf3cfc41d4d733e76b Signed-off-by: Shemer, Karen <karen.shemer@intel.com> Signed-off-by: Patrick Lu <patrick.lu@intel.com>
2018-10-16jitter: flush stdout more frequentlyLu, Patrick1-0/+1
Flush printf after every output, so we can pipe output to tee or file more often. We should watch out if there is any adverse effect. Change-Id: Id19e125388d55c984546e94f1a7165b03af17748 Signed-off-by: Patrick Lu <patrick.lu@intel.com>
2018-10-16jitter: add a new option to pin corePatrick Lu1-3/+18
Instead of use taskset, we introduce -c <core_id> to set thread affinity directly in the program itself. Change-Id: Ibac6143b6581b3186a953c6931da12f854d087c0 Signed-off-by: Patrick Lu <patrick.lu@intel.com>
2018-01-17jitter: made a small changes to fix absolute displayPatrick Lu1-0/+7
Change-Id: I828496d4fdbd159fe75c45bcb1b7495a9027a45a Signed-off-by: Shrikant M. Shah <shrikant.m.shah@intel.com> Signed-off-by: Patrick Lu <patrick.lu@intel.com>
2018-01-04jitter: change -fPIC to -fPIEPatrick Lu1-2/+2
During internal testing, we found -fPIC generated executable can cause extra jitter even on a tuned platform. After switching to -fPIE, the extra jitter went away. The exact root cause is still under investigation. Currently, the focus is on .plt related section. Change-Id: Ieb9af89fea2e5222f5b7c0ec9e9647d9e8fa643e Signed-off-by: Patrick Lu <patrick.lu@intel.com>
2018-01-04jitter: Update MakefileLu, Patrick1-0/+3
Add a new target to compile with PT enable Change-Id: Ib61565a35fc372669d7722ff3fad1752f011271e Signed-off-by: Patrick Lu <patrick.lu@intel.com>
2017-12-18Initial release of jitter microPatrick Lu3-0/+334
Change-Id: I69bc52ddafe2be1f549f0652ab24fb316ee159c5 Signed-off-by: Patrick Lu <patrick.lu@intel.com>
2017-11-09Initial empty repositoryVanessa Rene Valderrama0-0/+0