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doc/ another minor release notes update
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@@ -31,6 +31,13 @@ per stream flow statistics and latency features. See detail link:trex_manual.htm
* Support for all types of VIC cards (including ones will old firmware), using `--software`. Since we do not
have all cards in our lab, we could not test all of them. Will be glad for feedback on this (good or bad).
* GUI packet builder fix for variable length fields (e.g. DNS)
+* ConnectX-4/5 support VF mode
+* Performance trend report information is taken from ElasticSearch instead of Google analytics
+* STLVmFlowVarRepeatableRandom instruction - fix typo, add another instruction with the right name
+* Support vfio-pci in case it exists in the kernel (instead of igb_uio) to support Docker container without the need to compile the kernel module
+* TRex internal generated packets (e.g. ARP/Ping) are captured now
+* Support older Linux distribution for Client code (ZMQ share object can be loaded on older machine)
=== Fixed issues: ===