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2020-08-31update databaseHEADmasterJunfeng Wang1-36/+36
Change-Id: Ibf554929888ce35160c7a4436d054c922b9607c7 Signed-off-by: Junfeng Wang <drenfong.wang@intel.com>
2020-07-30fix typo in vnet feature enable/disableJunfeng Wang1-2/+2
Signed-off-by: Zhaoqi Wang <wangzhaoqi1318@126.com> Change-Id: I7c7afad9337a0273d0b97c4d351e21b87f1b89ff Signed-off-by: Junfeng Wang <drenfong.wang@intel.com>
2020-03-20fix message func miss and buildJunfeng Wang2-44/+10
Change-Id: Ifc6a3337c63d69bd4d479cf7a97974c17f809cf4 Signed-off-by: Junfeng Wang <drenfong.wang@intel.com>
2020-02-24fix hyperscan and udpi's buildingJunfeng Wang2-15/+3
Change-Id: I004a2d0ac46ebc452d65a0dfbdb8272d7788d5a8 Signed-off-by: Junfeng Wang <drenfong.wang@intel.com>
2019-10-22enable dpi hw-offload basic featureJunfeng Wang4-59/+92
Change-Id: Id715d39be418471838feaa2e14f6ad805650b177 Signed-off-by: Junfeng Wang <drenfong.wang@intel.com>
2019-09-10fix dpi_flow_input pkt's Pointer offsetJunfeng Wang2-0/+3
Change-Id: I584c3abac30136c7d106d055c7c96eea9bb94381 Signed-off-by: Junfeng Wang <drenfong.wang@intel.com>
2019-09-09Merge "modify source code"Hongjun Ni6-66/+16
2019-09-09modify source codev0.0Junfeng Wang6-66/+16
1. add CMakeList for udpi 2. modify code to make it can be compiled without vpp source code Change-Id: Iabb7337a0db95d981f4ecc4e3e0cc3a3545dd5cf Signed-off-by: Junfeng Wang <drenfong.wang@intel.com>
2019-09-09Add initial codeHongjun Ni10-0/+3176
The inital code is from this patch: https://gerrit.fd.io/r/#/c/vpp/+/16580/ It is contributed by Intel and Travelping. Jerome Tollet, Ed Warnicke, Dave Barach, Damjan Marion from Cisco and other guys have gave lots of useful comments on it. The initial code is used for identifying layer-7 applications for HTTPS/TLS traffic - Below is the brief design info. - Provides a default APPID database for scan. - Dynamically create new SW mapping has been supported now. - Support TCP connection state tracking. - Support TCP segments reassembly on the fly, which handles out-of-order tcp segments and overlapping segments. It means that we do not need to reassembly segments first, then dedect applicaion, and then fragment segments again, which helps to improve performance. - Support Hyperscan Stream mode, which can scan rules straddling into different tcp segments. It means that if there is a rule "abcde", then "abc" can be in packet 1, and "de" can be in packet 2. - Configure static dpi flows with 5-tuple and VRF-aware, and supports both ipv4 and ipv6 flows. These flows will first try to HW offload to NIC based on DPDK rte_flow mechanism and vpp/vnet/flow infrastructure. If failed, then will create static SW flow mappings. Each flow configuration will create two HW or SW flow mappings, i.e. for forward and reverse traffic. And both flow mappings will be mapped to the same dpi flow. SW entry aging out mechanism will be added later. "dpi flow [add | del] " "[src-ip <ip-addr>] [dst-ip <ip-addr>] " "[src-port <port>] [dst-port <port>] " "[protocol <protocol>] [vrf-id <nn>]", "dpi set flow-offload hw <interface-name> rx <flow-id> [del]", "dpi set ip4 flow-bypass <interface> [del]", - When HW flow offload matched, packets will be redirected to DPI plugin with dpi flow_id in packet descriptor. If not, packets will be bypassed to DPI plugin from ip-input, and then lookup SW flow mapping table. - Then will detect layer 7 applications. This first patch only detect sub protocls within SSL/TLS. 1). Identify SSL/TLS certificate message and subsequent segments. 2). Scan SSL/TLS certificate message through hyperscan, and get application id if matched. 3). If maximum packets for this flow are checked and not found matched application, the detection will end up. Ticket: Type: feature Signed-off-by: Hongjun Ni <hongjun.ni@intel.com> Signed-off-by: Andreas Schultz <andreas.schultz@travelping.com> Signed-off-by: Mathias Gumz <mathias.gumz@travelping.com> Change-Id: I839cc70ddc80ea594d22a04e2cabf92a7b9c74e7
2019-09-09Fix: src_port set wrongly in dpi_add_del_rx_flowMichael Yu1-1/+1
Type: fix Signed-off-by: Michael Yu <michael.a.yu@nokia-sbell.com> Change-Id: Ie9c62184492e90ac68af330572d6e30ac5020528
2019-09-09Revert "add source code"Junfeng Wang10-3304/+0
This reverts commit 4b0f20eed87e8b1542f991e06f4868b05f36dd64. Reason for revert: <INSERT REASONING HERE> Change-Id: I81a3d178c661bbc4e6fd9b0d6063a12bbfc0817c Signed-off-by: Junfeng Wang <drenfong.wang@intel.com>
2019-09-06add source codeJunfeng Wang10-0/+3304
Change-Id: I70aa9a0e05bbb5f38b2d6fb74c9d21db356dc889 Signed-off-by: Junfeng Wang <drenfong.wang@intel.com>