AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2020-03-26FIX: add missing api messages to supported crcs listrls1908_1Jan Gelety1-0/+10
2020-03-12LTS: Performance testingPeter Mikus144-1256/+4709
2020-03-03Backport CRC checking from masterVratko Polak4-66/+248
2020-03-03Update CRC values for 1908_1Vratko Polak1-22/+20
2020-03-02Backport tox checkers from masterVratko Polak6-26/+169
2020-02-28FIX: vpp_device image for 1908 branchPeter Mikus2-100/+40
2020-02-21topo: update topo files for DNV systems after NIC replacementsJan Gelety2-3/+3
2019-10-30Add: Use containers for shared TGPeter Mikus8-6/+115
2019-10-07Report: Show TSH resultsTibor Frank23-58/+12
2019-10-07Report: Add dataTibor Frank1-0/+6
2019-10-04PAL: Accept reconf time in scientific notationVratko Polak1-5/+5
2019-10-04Report: Add dataTibor Frank1-0/+14
2019-10-03Report: Add data and configure 1908.1.41Tibor Frank4-2/+27
2019-10-02Report: Add dataTibor Frank1-0/+4
2019-10-01Report: Add dataTibor Frank1-0/+10
2019-09-30Report: Add dataTibor Frank1-3/+80
2019-09-26docs: Update content of test_select_listsJan Gelety6-175/+129
2019-09-27Report: Add dataTibor Frank5-1076/+1065
2019-09-26Report: Reconf tests: Fix legendTibor Frank1-4/+3
2019-09-26Report: Reconf tests: set autorange for y axisTibor Frank1-11/+1
2019-09-25doc: perf release notesJan Gelety1-9/+2
2019-09-26Report: Configure graphs, add dataTibor Frank8-321/+14
2019-09-26Report: Configure 1908.1.40Tibor Frank3-3/+3
2019-09-20report: func release notesJan Gelety1-46/+46
2019-09-25Report: Remove disclaimer from reconf tests.Tibor Frank2-12/+0
2019-09-25Report: Configure 1908.1.39Tibor Frank81-9050/+2239
2019-09-24Reconf tests: Fix async measurementsVratko Polak4-17/+76
2019-09-19Use vpp 19.08.1-release buildsJan Gelety4-4/+4
2019-09-18Report: Fix formating of static content for reconf testsTibor Frank1-9/+9
2019-09-18Report: Add disclaimer for reconf testsTibor Frank8-9/+44
2019-09-17Report: Enable pdf versionTibor Frank1-2/+2
2019-09-17Report: Fix Report HistoryTibor Frank1-1/+1
2019-09-17Report: Update Report HistoryTibor Frank1-0/+2
2019-09-17Report: Add methodology for reconf testsVratko Polak3-1/+79
2019-09-15Report: Add dataTibor Frank2-0/+10
2019-09-13Report: FixesTibor Frank11-70/+70
2019-09-13Report: Add dataTibor Frank5-353/+464
2019-09-12Report: Add nfv reconfTibor Frank1-13384/+13212
2019-09-12PAL: Add NFV reconf testsTibor Frank6-13521/+14021
2019-09-12Report: Temporarily remove pdf versionTibor Frank1-2/+2
2019-09-12Report: Configure 1908.38Tibor Frank3-2/+5
2019-09-11Report: Remove NFV full dataTibor Frank1-2/+0
2019-09-11Report: Add dataTibor Frank2-3/+7
2019-09-11Report: Add pdf versionTibor Frank1-2/+2
2019-09-10PAL: Add replacing of data in tablesTibor Frank20-606/+2039
2019-09-09Report: Report historyTibor Frank1-7/+4
2019-09-09Report: Add dnv mrr dataTibor Frank7-2/+210
2019-09-09Report: Fix tsh and dnv plotsTibor Frank3-318/+320
2019-09-09Report: Add soak testsTibor Frank4-114/+110
2019-09-06Report: Fix2 - Add 3n-dnv plots and tablesTibor Frank3-0/+3