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5 days[HICN-690] Transport Library Major RefactoryLuca Muscariello169-1900/+16822
2021-02-10Merge "[HICN-679] Do not throw exception when receiving corrupted/not-hicn pa...v21.01-rc0Mauro Sardara3-11/+14
2021-02-05[HICN-681] Remove compilation warning in ubuntu 20.04 jobs.Mauro Sardara1-2/+4
2021-02-05[HICN-679] Do not throw exception when receiving corrupted/not-hicn packet fr...Mauro Sardara3-13/+18
2021-01-27[HICN-677] Add link flag to workaround undefined symbols referenced in vpp li...Mauro Sardara1-0/+4
2021-01-26[HICN-677] Fix compilation error for tests in ubuntu bionic.Mauro Sardara1-42/+1
2021-01-26[HICN-677] Add support for unit testing across all subprojectsMauro Sardara7-105/+57
2021-01-22[HICN-676] Memory leak fix in VerifierJacques Samain1-0/+1
2020-12-14[HICN-665] Convert headers to lower-case before storing them.Mauro Sardara1-1/+4
2020-12-10[HICN-658] Increase memif ring size.Mauro Sardara1-3/+2
2020-12-10[HICN-658] Return error if buffer allocation fails in memif connector.Mauro Sardara1-3/+3
2020-12-10[HICN-658] Return error if buffer allocation fails in memif connector.Mauro Sardara1-0/+1
2020-11-23[HICN-659] Fix udp-encap inconsistenciesMauro Sardara1-1/+4
2020-11-20[HICN-658] Improve memif connector.Mauro Sardara3-7/+22
2020-11-10[HICN-651] Offload checksum computation to VPP.Mauro Sardara1-0/+3
2020-10-20Merge "[HICN-648] Optionally reset RAAQM window in a per-session basis"Michele Papalini2-0/+19
2020-10-20[HICN-648] Optionally reset RAAQM window in a per-session basisMauro Sardara2-0/+19
2020-10-15[HICN-647] Freezing CWND if the production rate of the producer is equal to 0Giulio Grassi1-0/+2
2020-09-18Revert to [HICN-638] Check if systemd is running before enabling hicn-light s...Mauro Sardara13-534/+371
2020-09-14[HICN-574] Host stack plugin for VPP.Mauro Sardara5-82/+12
2020-09-14[HICN-635] Expose protocol API in libtransport.Mauro Sardara11-330/+592
2020-09-14[HICN-598] [HICN-599] Fix hicn_name_t definition conflicts.Mauro Sardara2-39/+10
2020-06-10[HICN-627] CMake fix: consider local header files first and system ones after.Mauro Sardara1-2/+2
2020-06-09[HICN-623] Initialize is_async in ConsumerSocket constructor.Mauro Sardara4-23/+18
2020-06-03[HICN-623] Initialize all the callbacks before starting a new RTC session.Mauro Sardara2-20/+2
2020-05-29[HICH-618] HTTP proxy automatic configuration.Mauro Sardara2-7/+12
2020-05-20[HICN-613] Add io_service to ConsumerSocket constructor.Mauro Sardara18-170/+154
2020-05-14[HICN-611] Remove unused fields on libhicnlibraryAngelo Mantellini1-2/+0
2020-05-13Merge "[HICN-595] Bring TLS up to date"Luca Muscariello17-370/+362
2020-05-04[HICN-603] Cleanup code for managing routeAlberto Compagno6-18/+40
2020-04-11[HICN-595] Bring TLS up to dateOlivier Roques17-370/+362
2020-04-01[HICN-587] Fix RAAQM default config pathOlivier Roques1-1/+1
2020-03-31Merge "[HICN-581] update hicn stack to support windows, again"Angelo Mantellini4-11/+10
2020-03-31[HICN-581] update hicn stack to support windows, againAngelo Mantellini4-11/+10
2020-03-27[HICN-458] Setting data packet size socket option when the payload size is pa...Alberto Compagno1-1/+1
2020-03-24[HICN-580] Improve memory usage in signer and verifierOlivier Roques2-76/+89
2020-03-11Merge "[HICN-546] Fix memory leak on producer side"Alberto Compagno2-13/+7
2020-03-11[HICN-546] Fix memory leak on producer sideOlivier Roques2-13/+7
2020-03-11[HICN-545] Do not schedule callbacks during segmentation in a per packet basis.Mauro Sardara1-37/+57
2020-03-10[HICN-544] Do not block reading incoming messages in memif connector.Mauro Sardara4-15/+20
2020-03-09[HICN-540] Optimizations for libhicntransportMauro Sardara18-196/+137
2020-02-27Merge "[HICN-539] Expose portal APIs to applications"Angelo Mantellini7-60/+118
2020-02-27[HICN-539] Expose portal APIs to applicationsMauro Sardara7-60/+118
2020-02-27[HICN-538] Use type utils::CryptoHashtype instead of HashAlgorithm everywhereMauro Sardara12-30/+24
2020-02-26[HICN-534] Major rework on libtransport organizationMauro Sardara196-9194/+3790
2020-02-21Merge "[HICN-2] Added P2P confidential communication on hICN"Alberto Compagno52-347/+3640
2020-02-21[HICN-2] Added P2P confidential communication on hICNAlberto Compagno52-347/+3640
2020-02-19[HICN-530] Add support for chunked Transfer-Encoding in higet and http-proxyMauro Sardara2-16/+36
2020-02-18[HICN-528] Add progress bar to higet.Mauro Sardara8-169/+110
2020-02-18[HICN-510] Adding collectd plugins to get telemetry from vpp and hicn-pluginAlberto Compagno1-2/+0